What is the SFWSA?

We are a non-profit organization that runs and organizes the largest women’s slow pitch softball league in Sioux Falls and we play at Sherman Park (next to the Zoo). Our players range from recreational to competitive, from no experience to collegiate level experience. We currently have two leagues playing- on Monday night and Wednesday night.

The rules and regulations that govern our league generally follow USA (formerly ASA) adult slow pitch softball standards, especially game play rules. As a local organization, we do have our own rules for specific situations that can be found in our Bylaws on our website.

Do the games have time limits?

Yes. Monday night games are 55 minutes and Wednesday night games are 60 minutes.

What bats can we use in this league?

Any bat that has a USA or ASA sticker can be used in our league. All bats are subject to physical inspection (cannot be cracked or broken) and compression testing at any time.

More specific regulations regarding bats can be found here:

What type of balls are used in this league?

.52 cor/300lbs, 11-inch, synthetic leather.  Must have ASA or USA stamp. The Board provides game balls. You are responsible for getting any extra balls you need for warm up or practices.

What are the uniform requirements?

Teams must have matching uniforms by Father’s Day unless they have a uniform waiver. This is to ensure teams have matching jerseys before the State Tournament, because they are required in order to play in that tournament. If your team needs a uniform waiver, please contact us through Facebook or email.

What times are the games each night?

This is subject to change, but they are normally in hour increments starting at 6:30 pm with the last round of games at 9:30 pm. Each team will have a double header each week.

How long is the summer and fall season?

The summer season is currently 10 weeks long, starting in May. The fall season is 5 weeks long and starts in August.  Each league will have a league tournament at the end of league play. 

Where do we play?

Sherman Park in Sioux Falls, SD. The fences are 285ft to center. We utilize five of the fields on each night (H, I, E, F, G). Concessions and bathrooms are on site. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages. Pets are also allowed at this park.

How much does it cost to play?

League fees are charged per team and are currently $825 for Summer and $425 for Fall. Typically teams will find a sponsor to cover this fee, otherwise the fee is split up amongst all the players on the team. You can pay with check or Venmo (@sfwsa). If using Venmo you must put your team name in the comment and please include your team name in the memo line if using a check. Check payments should be mailed to our treasurer. Please contact the Board for more information.

Do we need to have a sponsor?

No, it is not required. However, it is recommended because league fees on top of jersey/equipment purchases can get expensive. It can be easy to find a sponsor if you ask around. A lot of businesses will be happy to use your team to advertise their business. This can be in the form of a logo being on your jersey, actually naming your team after the business, or having the business’s logo on a banner you show at games. If you have any questions about obtaining a sponsorship, we would be glad to help!

Do we need to wear helmets?

Helmets are required for any player under the age of 18.

Is any equipment provided by the league?

The only equipment we provide are the game balls and scorebooks. Scorebooks are located in the umpire shed. Please ask a board member or umpire if you need one.

Are there umpires to officiate the games?

Yes, we have USA certified umpires every night to umpire games. Umpire numbers are declining, so we expect all of our members and players to be professional and kind to our umpires at all times. If there is any issue, please Facebook message or email us.

When are rosters due and why do we have to have rosters?

Rosters are liability release forms that also help us make sure there are no violations happening on any team. Any player that plays in our league (pick up or on your team) must be on a roster. As of 2023 we have added an online roster option, but paper rosters can be used. Blank roster forms can be found on our Forms page. Online roster links must be emailed to you by the Board. Please let us know if you need one. Rosters are generally due and must be finalized by Father’s Day. Any late additions are subject to a fee.  

I have an entire new team, how do I sign up for league?

Like and follow us on Facebook!

Fill out our Summer League Sign Up form or our Fall Ball Sign Up Form on our website. The links will be active if we are currently accepting new teams. The forms can be found on our League Registrations page. 

I am a player who wants to get on a team. How do I start?

Like and follow us on Facebook!

Fill out our Free Agent Form on our website. A member of the Board will be in touch! The form can be found on our League Registrations page. 

When is the league tournament and how do I sign up my team?

The league tournament will start once all regular season games have been played. A Sign-up form will be distributed once it gets closer. You cannot freely pick up players for the league tournament, you must have girls playing from your original roster.

When is the state tournament and how do I sign up my team?

The State Tournament is played in a different city in South Dakota each year. Announcements are sent out stating which division will play in what city, and on what weekend. This tournament is generally the second to last or last weekend in July.

You must submit rosters and the tournament fee to the State Commissioner (these are separate from league rosters) by a certain date. More information can be found in our Bylaws, and on the USA Softball of South Dakota website.

When are the league manager meetings and what happens during them?

We have 3 manager meetings starting in January prior to season start. These meetings are held to discuss any issues managers may have, discuss and rule changes, vote on rule changes/board members, make announcements, and to organize for the upcoming year. They are held at the Oyate Community Center. Dates for these meetings are posted on Facebook and sent out to managers via Email.

Perfect attendance at all meetings puts your team in a drawing for either a bucket of balls or a new bat for the upcoming season.

How do we contact the board for questions?

You can email us at sfwomenslowpitch@gmail.com , or message us on Facebook. See our Board member page to familiarize yourself with member’s and league reps faces so you can stop one of us out on the fields if you have questions! (We do not wear nametags!)

Can I pick up anyone to play on my team if I am short girls one night?

Yes, we have a free pick up player policy if you do not have a full team (i.e. you cannot freely pick up if you have 10 players). This pick up player must be on any SFWSA roster and must be available to play immediately when the game starts. We cannot wait on pick up players to start the game. The best way to avoid this is to ask a player who does not play the game before your game, or ask a player who is playing on the same field as your team immediately before your game. This will help keep games on time.

Monday night teams may not have more than 3 ‘upper’ classified players playing in the field at any one time. You are considered an ‘upper’ player if you played in division 1 or 2 state the past year or if the Board classifies you as an upper player. This is to make sure the level of competition stays fair on Monday nights with the free pick up player rule.

What are the rules around playing on two teams and being on two rosters?

You can sign up to two rosters for summer and fall league (you can have a primary and a secondary team). In order for you to play on a team in the year-end LEAGUE TOURNAMENT, you must be on that team's roster as a primary or secondary player. If your primary and secondary teams are playing at the same time, you must play with your primary team (unless you are released). Roster releases need to be communicated to the Board to be valid.